Mental Focus & Clarity… not always easy to Achieve!

As a mom and wife I strive to keep myself healthy for my family as much as I try to keep them healthy as well!  It’s NOT always easy of course – nothing worth having ever is right!?

I am very passionate about what I use to help me and my family stay as healthy as we can be.  I have struggled with my weight my whole life – before and after having my boys.  I’m not an all organic or all natural type of person either – I LOVE food and I’m a relatively fussy (plain) eater! 🙂 I enjoy all the things you’re NOT supposed to eat. However I have worked to find balance in my life as well.

My husband and I have stepped up our activity since the new year and we are on our way to getting where we want to be and I’ve seen even better results by using some specific products.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the company but what I want you to understand is this stuff truly is amazing! I swear… there is something for everything all in one place!

Mental clarity and focus is one of my biggest issues. I even had myself tested for Adult ADHD – however I was told I was way “too organized & accomplished” on my own to have that condition. But I still found myself struggling to stay on task, remove the brain fog that seems to cloud my many days where I do a LOT but never seem to accomplish what I’m trying to accomplish.   What I did figure out was I suffer from anxiety.  The meds I was prescribed only made me feel worse so I turned to a more natural option!  Confianza is something that has made a huge difference in my life for that very issue. It’s been a great weight lifted from my shoulders to help me remain focused in creating the kind of lifestyle for me and my family that I’ve always dreamed about!

Key Benefits of this amazing product:

  • Anti-stress formulaconfianza
  • Made with natural adaptogenic herbs
  • Improves mental focus & concentration
  • Helps the body cope with physical stress
  • Provides energy and reduces fatigue
  • Helps restore body balance

It’s also safe for KIDS!  I use this for my oldest son, who consequently DOES have ADHD, he is also has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or as most people have heard of it – Asperger’s. (Learn more about my journey with him…. HERE)  He is a mild case thankfully but really struggles with the social aspects of life and relating to others.  I also have HIM on Confianza to help and it’s been tremendous for him! (and us as parents!)  We host a lot of get togethers at our house and do a lot of fun outings with friends and family – that can be very overwhelming for someone with Asperger’s like Parker.  But I’ve been able to help him take the edge off by using this amazing all natural supplement. I feel good about using something natural to help my son and myself take away that stress and pressure!

There are so many other great products with this company that I’m proud to be a part of that I will continue to share and post about to help you find something to help alleviate the stress in your life, whatever that may be!

I invite you to give it a shot for 3 full months as a Loyal Customer at a 40% discount price. Give it a real chance to make a difference for you and you will become a lifetime user of this amazing product – I’m confident you will love it as much as me and my son!

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I’d love to hear how this product or other products are working for you – or if you need some suggestions – let me know – I’ve love to connect with you and see how I can help alleviate your stress and help you look and feel your BEST!  Contact me below and let’s chat!