The Preferred Lifestyle

“Home Based Businesses are one of the fastest-growing segments in our economy, and that trend will only continue as the age of the corporation, which began barely a century ago, now gives way to the age of the entrepreneur!”  Paul Zane Pilzer


Position Yourself In The Heart of The Multi-Trillion dollar Services Industry As A Lifestyle Consultant With Your Own Virtual Online Business!

This 2 year old company is Ranked in the Top 85 Global Direct Selling Companies.

MWR positions YOU between the Massive Demand For Lifetime Services and the Millions of people that are searching for them!

Benefits of Services:

  • Delivered Instantly
  • Use Immediately
  • No Inventory or Auto shipments
  • Lifetime Purchases
  • Significant Long Term Residual Income Stream!

Multiple Customer packages to choose from




Business Opportunity

Position yourself in the heart of the MULTI-TRILLION dollar service industry as a lifestyle consultant with your own virtual online business!

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Whether you want to just be a customer of the amazing programs we have to offer or become a life consultant with us – you will benefit from what MWR Life has to offer you and your family!

daily pay levels


IF you’re looking to join the team – know that you will NOT be on your own.  We are building together.  Once I ranked at the manager level – every single member that has joined my team since….. has joined directly under a member of MINE, not me directly.  I’m helping my team build so that they can rank up to the next level and generate bonuses paid directly as well as residual monthly income!  As my team succeeds so do I. It’s a win win!

Get in touch with me here or on Facebook to join our amazing team and let me, our team, my team rotator and our large team rotator (yep 2 rotators working for you) help you build a successful team, get access to some amazing products and services to help save you money and keep you safe and protected!


Join our next amazing team member HERE from our team rotator!  We’ll help YOU recruit as well so that you can rank up and earn bonuses & residual income!